Legal Malpractice Attorneys in Cincinnati, Oxford and Sharonville, OH

Legal malpractice in Ohio and Indiana is defined as a breach in the standard of conduct set forth by the Code of Professional Responsibility, Ohio and Indiana Rules of the State Bar or legal governing body.

Whether it is Indiana legal malpractice or Ohio legal malpractice establishing the acceptable standard requires an experienced Legal malpractice attorney. The Green Law Firm provides over forty years of combined, successful experience with Legal malpractice cases in Ohio and Indiana.

Lawyers have a duty to act with honesty and integrity, in fairness and good faith in all dealings with, or on behalf of, their clients. Legal malpractice may arise from your lawyer’s misconduct or failure to use adequate levels of care, skill or diligence in the performance of their duties that causes harm to another.

Some possible causes for legal malpractice may include:

  • Failure to provide a valid fee agreement.
  • Failure to inform of any major expenses not included in your fee agreement.
  • A conflict of interest.
  • Settlement of your case without your full authority.
  • Settlement of your claim for far less than the actual worth to receive quick contingency fees.
  • Failure to file your claim within the statute of limitations (the time legally allowed for filing a claim).
  • Failure to file necessary documents or refusal to acknowledge court orders.

In order to successfully recover your damages, you must be able to prove that malpractice occurred and that, but for the malpractice, you would have won a favorable judgment in your case. The attorney you hire to file a legal malpractice claim must also be able to successfully argue the “underlying case” (the original case) and must prove that you would have won.