Undiagnosed Vertebrae Fracture

In a medical malpractice suit, a physician failed to diagnose a compressed vertebrae fracture. The client was awarded $2,000,000 by jury verdict.

Plastic Surgery Treatment Oversight

When a client's plastic surgeon failed to properly follow treatment procedure, the client's breast enhancement became necrotic, causing permanent loss. This case settled for $575,000.

Negligent Care Resulting in Birth Defect

In this case, the client's doctor failed to perform adequate tubal ligation, resulting in the birth of a defective child. The jury awarded the client $650,000.

Unwanted Sexual Advances

A female employee received suggestive remarks and demands from her employer. Her case settled for $350,000.

Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

A client elicited the help of an attorney on their workers' compensation permanent total disability claim. After the attorney failed to file the claim in a timely manner, the client was awarded a $120,000 settlement.

Clients Were Defrauded Out of an Investment

$3,248,000 jury verdict for clients who were defrauded out of their investment under RICO claim.